Our Caregivers

Many of life’s transitions can be difficult and finding an in-home Caregiver shouldn’t be one of them. Options Home Care employs reputable, qualified and compassionate Caregivers from within your community. We take this responsibility very seriously, which is why our Caregivers are equipped with the training and experience needed to provide our Clients with the best in-home care services.

The following formalized trainings are used to ensure our Caregivers are knowledgeable in the best care giving practices that relate to your needs:

  • New Hire Orientation – Classroom instruction for our caregivers on direct care practices as well as company policy and procedures for providing care. Instructional information to take home and always available to access for refresher. CPR/First Aid instruction available to all caregivers and certification to take place prior to 90-days of employment.
  • Caregiver Scheduling Session(s) with you, your Caregiver and their Supervisor – detailed review of the Individualized Plan of Care based on your schedule and requested tasks
  • Monthly Training Program
    • Philosophy of Options’ Monthly Training Program
      • These trainings are completed with the Client. They are designed to be “hands-on” and interactive
      • Trainings cover the most requested & the most needed topics for Caregivers
      • Trainings are completed in 1 hour - including a quiz
      • Trainings are completed within the Caregiver’s working hours
      • Quiz = 5 questions related to the material & 5 Client-specific questions
      • Client/Caregiver specialized training - addresses any specific concerns or interests– by request during the monthly home visits or calling Options office
    • Training Program Process Overview
      • During the Home Visit
        • The Caregiver’s Supervisor delivers the trainings during the monthly home visits (HV) and picks up the quiz the following month
          • When the Caregiver is present at the time of the HV – they sign the HV form showing they received the training and understand that it needs to be completed before the next HV and the Caregiver places the completed quiz in the Options binder
        • The Supervisor grades the training during the HV & returns the Quiz to the Options office
      • Specialized Trainings
        • When at any time the Caregiver needs additional or specialized training customized for needs of their Client, they do not hesitate to contact their local Options office to schedule one of the following training or to request other trainings:
          • Understanding Arthritis
          • Assisting Those With Asthma
          • What to do during a Diabetic Seizure
          • What to do during a Epileptic Seizure
          • Fibromyalgia Awareness
          • Recognizing Hypoxia
          • Infectious Disease Awareness &Universal Precautions
          • Supporting Those With KidneyIssues
          • Understanding Parkinson’s Disease
          • Assisting A Consumer Diagnosed With Bipolar Disorder
          • All Forms of Substance Abuse
          • Support For Client’s Prone To Hoarding
          • Assisting Those With Traumatic Brain Injury